Foundation Leadership

Board of Directors

Julie Smith-Centeno

Julie Smith-Centeno

Chairman of the Board and Foundation Executive Director

Angie Sewell - Foundation Administration

Angie Sewell

Foundation Administration

Linda Bastida- Treasurer

Linda Bastida

Foundation Finance

Laura Saavedra

Foundation Governance

Suzanne Maxwell

Suzanne L. Maxwell, PhD

Foundation Strategy

Lynn Wilson Business Management

Lynn Wilson

Business Development

Vivian Rasenti - Board Member

Vivian Rasenti

Board Member

Outreach Advocates

  • Elizabeth Jones – Newsletter Editor in Chief
    Elizabeth is a journalist for her local paper, and mother of Will
  • Magdiely Prince – Spanish Translator
    Maggie is the mother of Peter
  • Pam Tate – Social Media and Public Relations Assistant
    Pam Tate works in PR for Medical City of Dallas.
  • Mariellen Parker Jacobs – Graphic Designer – MJ Graphic Design
  • Hollie Mitchell – Fundraising Committee Chairperson
  • Natalie Hinkin – Creative Design and Fundraising Committee
  • Laura Davalos – Conference Committee
  • Shane Walker – IT Strategist
    President VIPClouds, LLC
  • Ken Lu – Information Architect
    Ken Lu is a software engineer, that has graciously designed and developed one of the first revisions of the original PTLS Outreach websites

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