Angie Sewell —

Foundation Administration

Angie Sewell - Foundation AdministrationAngie is a Registered Nurse. She has been a school nurse for 23 years in the Greenville Independent School District. Her youngest son, Tyler, age 23, was diagnosed with PTLS when he was 17. Angie has a passion for reaching out to the families with teens and adults to help guide them through the transitions needed. Her goal is to have a ranch with therapy horses and residential settings for the adults with PTLS and other special needs. She and her family have made it their mission to support the PTLS Outreach Foundation, Inc in all aspects.

She was born in Memphis, TN. and has lived in Greenville, MS for 38 years. Married to Eddie Sewell and Has 3 sons. She is an avid cook, gardener and lover of riding her horse.