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About PTLS Outreach Foundation

The Foundation Leadership is comprised of individuals who have generously volunteered to contribute their time, skills and experience to ensure the successful launch of the PTLS Outreach Foundation. Each member of the leadership team has devoted countless hours carefully laying the groundwork for a Foundation that both provides support for day-to-day, here-and-now needs and creates a vision of a bright future for those who have PTLS or are related to someone with PTLS.

The Medical Advisory Board is comprised of professionals in the medical field who have generously volunteered their time to support the efforts of the PTLS Outreach Foundation. Each member of the Medical Advisory Board is devoted to conducting research on developmental and genetic disorders including Potocki-Lupski Syndrome. We are honored to have on our Advisory Board the two physicians who identified Potocki-Lupski Syndrome and are the recognized by the medical profession as experts in the field of Human Genetics.